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About us

Radio Taxi 191-91 is the most popular cab cooperation in Poland. In Silesia we started our business on 20 February 1958. The more we increased the amount of cabs, the more we extended our coverage area and started to implement new services. 

In order to optimize our client services, we implemented the system 'RADIO - TAXI' as the first cab cooperation in 1976. A couple of years later new cab cooperations emerged on the market, who made use of and took advantage of out implemented systems, introduced firstly by MPT, and attempt to offer similar services on a similar level.

However, MPT is the oldest cab cooperation in the GOP area. We offer services to our clients in the following areas: Katowice, Bedzin, Byton Chorzow, Jaworzno, Myslowice, Mikolow, Myslowice, Tarnowskie Gory and Tychy. We offer journeys with normal cars, as well as kombis and vans (8 people capacity).

Our long lasting erperiences are an ideal business partner, which confirms the facts that other institutions  such as Rock

 Rockwell, ING Bank Śląski, Siemens Polska and Katowice council, also make use our system.